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6 Years of StuComm: a present from us

Ronald Kouvelt, Founder & CEO

It was a sunny day in July 2014 when a satisfied Ronald Kouvelt walked through the city of Utrecht: StuComm B.V. had just been registered. This month we celebrate the sixth anniversary of StuComm. Ronald happily looks back on his adventure up until now. “Six years ago we founded StuComm with only one goal: to help students succeed on campus. It has a resulted in the StuCommApp and when I look at how students have utilised the app over the past years, I am extremely happy!”

The StuCommApp started out as a simple mobile application containing a timetable and study results. Over the years it has transformed into a personal assistant for every student. “Together with students and educational institutions we have sought and found a way to help them communicate with each other more effectively. The result is a valuable partnership with educational institutions to help students succeed on campus in a modern way. In this case, that modern way is our StuCommApp.”

A long journey

Over the years there have been many highs but also many challenges. According to Ronald, there is only one way to succeed: “Stay true to your mission. At StuComm, all we think about are the needs and wants of students and work to meet these. That is the reason educational institutions want to work together with us. That is the vision from which we need to keep innovating. We have created something out of nothing in a traditional market with huge monopolists. That is something to be proud of.”

Indeed it is. Today more than 700,000 students use the StuCommApp and provide positive feedback on a regular basis. “It is a great feeling when you receive a compliment. It is confirmation that you are going in the right direction and it motivates you to keep going. In the early years, we let students test our app with us present. The first student we showed the app, was truly surprised: ‘Wow, that is awesome!’ Off course, that is great to see.”

After six successful years, StuComm is far from done. “We have the ambition to become a successful European company. We want to work on achieving our mission in other countries as well. It is something we are working towards and it looks very promising.”

In the short term, the primary focus is on existing customers and helping them better serve their students. “There are many specific challenges our customers bring to us. They often say: ‘You do what you say and you say what you do.’ That is why they trust us to come up with a solution to help them with their challenges.”

A birthday present… to you

Today the StuCommApp is being used at over 30 educational institutions. To thank them for their loyalty and support, we are treating all of our customers with a fitting present. “The goal is to provide students with extra value. Something that has become increasingly important in recent times, is the search for internships, part-time jobs and graduate jobs. That is why we are providing our customers with the Talent Feature for free: a feature that allows students to search for internships, part-time jobs and graduate jobs through our StuCommApp. With this feature, we deliver even more value to students, together with educational institutions”, Ronald concludes.

Are you already using the StuCommApp and do you want to get started with the Talent Feature right away? Contact us!

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