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​​Meet William Viveen, CTO and co-founder at StuComm

At StuComm, our team is ready to make users and customers happy with our app. We had a talk with William Viveen, the CTO & co-founder of StuComm. He shares the story of the origins of StuComm, his work and the team.

The start of StuComm

William founded StuComm together with Ronald. After they noticed some students complaining that the communication between them and their educational institutions was not in order, they have founded StuComm. “Ronald had an idea and shared it with me. From there we continued our journey. Whilst sitting on a terrace in Utrecht we overheard students complaining about the communication between them and educational institutions. Students found it difficult to find information and stay up to date. A year later we developed the StudentsApp.”

Daily activities

Before William started the StuComm adventure with Ronald, he had his own internet advertising agency. As of this moment, William is occupied with various activities at StuComm. “I am working on product development, where I think about sharpening and improving the vision of StuComm, I work closely with our development team and help them wherever necessary. I also visit our customers and partners. Every day is different.”

The student is our priority

With every decision we make, we keep the students in mind. Our apps are the proof of this. “Our user centered approach makes us unique within this market. We are not affected by the limitation of one system. We especially think about what the students need and how we can cater these needs. That’s what makes us unique compared to others.”

William thinks it is important to work with people who like to dedicate themselves to make the best possible product in order to give students and customers the most optimal experience.

“As a team we have the drive and desire to achieve goal after goal. This drive comes from the wish to become the best in everything. We believe in everything we do and work hard to achieve the best day in, day out.”

The future of StuComm

William foresees a great future for StuComm, in which all educational institutions are provided with the StudentsApp. “The ultimate goal of StuComm is to provide all educational institutions with the StudentsApp, but in a thoughtful way, without losing sight of our existing customers. In addition, we want to deliver a product that is able to facilitate students to be successful during their studies and that brings a smile on their faces every time they use it.”

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