Other apps

Effective communication with aspiring students

MyChoice app

The MyChoice app is an app for aspiring students that informs them about open days and helps them with their study choice. The MyChoice app ensures that aspiring students make the most out of open days, events and other informational sessions.

From information about study programmes till the latest events, aspiring students find everything they need to decide about their studies in the MyChoice app.

The MyStart app

The MyStart app is an app for students, who just applied at an educational institution. In the app they can easily track the status of their application. Furthermore, the MyStart app helps students to successfully start their new study programme. The status of their application can be consulted, showing students which steps are already completed and still need to be completed.

The communication between the student and educational institution is also improved with the MyStart app. The student always has the most important information of their new study programme at hand.

The features

Below you can find a few of the features that the MyChoice app and the MyStart app offer. Curious about all the available features in the MyChoice and/or MyStart app? Please contact us if you want to know more about the available features.



The dashboard shows students the most important information, such as the upcoming activities, their personal schedule and the latest news.


Personal schedule

Let students assemble a personal schedule with activities of their interest during the open days. 



Show students which courses they can follow at your institution. 




The dashboard shows students the most important information in one overview. Such as their progress and received notifications.



Give students information about their progress, and which steps they need to take in order to complete their application.



Keep students up-to-date about the latest news.