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We improve the communication between students and educational institutions

While increasing student engagement

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Proven, secure technology

We understand that it is important that our technology is secure. Security is one of our highest priorities and we have taken a number of measurements to ensure the security.

Increase student engagement

basic features

Communicate with students whenever and where ever

The StudentsApp offers students all relevant study information in one place. Information such as their timetable, study results or the latest news can be checked effortlessly by students.

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plus features

Create value with the StudentsApp

The StudentsApp offers a variety of features that are of extra value to students. These features are not just informative, but give students possibilities such as checking public transport timetables, a digital student card or giving feedback.

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Other apps

Effective communication with aspiring students

Besides the StudentsApp we also offer the MyChoice and MyStart app. The MyChoice app can be used during open days and the MyStart during the application process by students.

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Track record


500.000+ students


5 times a day


25 universities

Trusted by top educational institutions